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Baby Burp Pad Tutorial

in Blog on March 28, 2009

TUTORIAL B – Flannel Burp Cloth

Cut: White flannel 11.5″ x 18″ (cut 2)

Colored flannel 13.5″ x 18″ (cut 1)

For borders:

Contrasting fabric (flannel or otherwise)

5.0″ x 14″ (cut 1)

2.5″ x 14″ (cut 1)

If you would like to add fabric trim to the border, cut 2″ strips of fabric (fold in half, iron and place underneath

Optional: Lace trim or piping or other contrasting strips of fabric
1. First you will need to embroider the design of your choice in the center of one of the white flannel panels. I try to place the center of the design about 5-6″ up from the bottom of the panel. I find the vertical center by folding the panel in half, then place a mark with a fabric marker about 5-6″ up to mark the center point of the design. I use tearaway stabilizer and a small amount of adhesive spray to hold the flannel in place on the hoop. I also secure the fabric to the stabilizer with straight pins in each corner of the frame.

2. I try to remove all the stabilizer from the back of the embroidered design.

3. I iron this panel using lots of spray sizing.

4. Turn the embroidered panel over and fold the long edges til they meet in the

5. Mark the center of the second piece of flannel by placing a long mark down
the center.

6. Now match up the center of the first embroidered panel with the center of the
second panel.

7. If desired: Place a folded over 2″ piece of fabric trim under the edge of the top
panel and pin onto the non embroidered panel, making sure that the top
panel is properly centered.

8. Now sew this center (embroidered) panel to the non embroidered flannel piece.
You can use a decorative stitch to do this. I oftentimes use the triple elastic or
the blanket stitch on my machine to make the top stitch more pronounced and

9. Take the slightly larger piece of colored flannel and place it RST on top of the
white flannel.

10. Sew along the edge.

11. Sew the other edge.

12. Turn this “fabric tube” right side out and iron the “tube”.

13. Even out the edges by rotary trimming.

14. Mark a line 1 ½ “ from the lower edge of the flannel.

15. Place the 4.5″ x 13″ border piece RST on top of the white flannel, just at or slightly above the marked line. If desired, you may slip the folded over 2″ piece of fabric trim underneath this edge before sewing.

16. Sew these pieces together.

17. Now, turn the border fabric to the back of the burp, folding under ½ “ or so along the edge.

18. Iron the band, pressing firmly.

19. Now, take the folded and pressed edge and fold it over to the front, so that the band will be facing RST.

20. Stitch close to the edge of the band and then trim seam.

21. Now turn the band right side out.

22. Slip stitch in place or top stitch by machine. I much prefer to slip stitch. It’s much neater and it really is only a very short hem.

23. Now, for the other side, I basically repeat the process. I don’t mark the fabric, though. I just place the border RST against the burp edge and
sew a 1/2″ seam.

24. Turn the border fabric over to the backside of the burp, folding under the edge.

25. Fold it back all the way, iron, stitch close to the edge as before, trim seams, and turn border right side out.

26. Finish by slip stitching, ironing.

E N J O Y!
Let me know your comments and questions

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