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Have you been wondering what Oma means? It’s German for Grandma. Monika (Oma) is originally from Germany and now lives in Ohio, USA. Her two children and 7 grandchildren live close by and they are the joy of her life.

We are a mother/son team. Monika (Oma) dreams up and digitizes new designs and projects and then spends many hours writing up and testing the designs herself before sending them out to 4 or 5 testers. Once we have the reports and photos back from the testers, corrections are made based on the testers recommendations. Many times Monika will then stitch the designs one more time to make sure the changes took. Paul is a pilot for Southwest Airlines and handles all the website and purchase related issues. Both Paul and Monika will answer our customer help desk.

Monika is a retired nurse educator. She retired early to help her daughter through some rough spots in life. While Monika loved teaching nursing, she freely admits that digitizing and selling machine embroidery is by far the best job she has ever had. Monika loves the creative aspect but also and especially enjoys making designs for purposes and causes close to her heart (God, autism, nursing). Two of Monika’s grandchildren are autistic and from time to time you will see this reflected in our designs as well.

We have been blessed with some incredible testers. Without them the quality of our designs would be suffering. Each and every one of them have become dear friends and we value their input into our design creation.

We hope you find our website fun and inspirational. Thanks for stopping by.

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