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April is Autism Awareness Month

in Blog on April 23, 2009



If you have read some of my blog entries, you will probably know that one of our grandsons has Asperger’s, a high functioning form of autism. To help raise awareness to Autism and the need for education and research, I have digitized the autism design set. I am very happy with the way it stitches out and I hope that some of you will invest in the set and help “spread the word”.

I wanted to share with you how special our grandson Siddiq is. Our daughter is expecting number 4 in November and it has become evident that their home is not big enough to accommodate one more child. So, his parents have been looking for a new home. When Siddiq got some money recently he gave the $5 to his Dad toward the new home! – Yesterday, he sat on a roll of foam padding that the carpet installer had left temporarily in our drive way. “Did you notice that this padding has a lot of different colors, Grandma?” was his question to me. No, Grandma had seen but not really noticed. “Why?” he asked. “Nobody is going to see the colors – it’s going to be under the rug.” Hmmm….. I had never thought of that. Then he started “examining” all those little shapes and colors: “Grandma” he said “they are all different not only in color but also in shape and feel. One is “squooshy”, the other is firm and tough. why is that?” This grandma has seen many a carpet being changed and old padding being removed and new one put in place. Never have I contemplated why there are different shapes, textures, and colors on it. He is a special boy!! I need to pay closer attention to things around me so I can give him better answers.

On the embroidery side, I have not had much time to work on projects since I am getting ready for my brother’s visit from Switzerland. However, I did make 4 little Rachel dresses (Farbenmix) and digitized the matching designs with it. I also digitized a set of pockets for little girls’ dresses, jumpers, etc. What’s so nice about these is that the pockets come out perfectly everytime. Very symetrical and predictably professional looking. They should be up for sale on Oma’s soon.

Am also working on some baby blanket labels – especially with the Christian baby in mind. More on that later.

Have a wonderful Spring and may God bless you and yours richly.


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