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Cowboy Doll Bedding


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Now our Buddy doll can sleep in comfort, too! This fun set (which can be stitched in the 5×7 hoop) consists of:

  • 3 in the hoop pillows;
  • 1 design Cowboy Dreams in two sizes (doll and standard pillow size)
  • 6 miniature cowboy redwork designs (for doll rag quilt)
  • 1 pillow insert (for doll pillow case)
  • Sewing instructions for a doll pillow case, with detailed photos and tutorial on how to place embroidery design properly. Also comes with instructions on how to make standard size pillow case for child.
  • Sewing instructions for a lined blanket
  • Sewing instructions for making a fitted sheet for a doll bed mattress.

Bonus sewing instructions for making a doll rag quilt and doll rag pillow are also included with your purchase. The little redwork designs used on the quilt are part of your purchase; the 2 miniature cowboy designs are not, but are available for purchase separately.

In total there are 12 stitch files included as well as 4 separate sewing instructions.

Dimensions, Stitches & Finished Size

In the hoop designs

Crazy Patch Pillow 4.96×4.94″ 6,944 4.5×4.5″
Rectangular Pillow 6.91×3.03″ 5,354 6.25×3.5″
Ride Em Cowboy Pillow 5.02×5.00″ 9,005 4.6×4.6″
Pillow Insert 6.77×4.84″ 1,352 6.75×4.75″

Redwork/Fill designs

Cowboy Dreams Doll 3.53×0.97″ 2,449
Cowboy Dreams Boy 5.76×1.58″ 3,886
Revolver 1.99×1.33″ 450
Saddle 1.69×2.00″ 850
Sheriff Post 1.72×1.97″ 707
Sheriff Star 2.00×1.90″ 455
Wagon 2.49×2.05″ 1,808
Wanted Poster 1.44×1.97″ 1,452


Redwork designs www.clipartopolis.com
Sheriff star www.mygrafico.com (Cupcake Cutiees)
Cowboy hat www.digiwebstudio.com
Cowboy motif www.quiltrecipes.com

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