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Football Baby


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Football Season is upon us and we at Oma’s Place have a great new set for your little Buckeyes, Cowboys and Aggies in training. There are a total of 16 designs, part applique, part fill designs. Put them on blankets, diapere bags, totes, pillows, shirts. How about making a little gym bag for the future football player and put some of these designs on the sides and pockets. Fill the bag with a sippy cup (with embroidered insert, of course), Nerf type football, or make him a soft cube/block with some of these designs on the sides. Include a bib or two, as well . And don’t forget to make a matching stadium blanket and sweatshirts for Dad!

There are 11 applique jersey designs (number 1-10 and a blank one), an applique label to fit the tummy area of the pancake bear (available from www.allaboutblanks.com) or other similar stuffed animals, a rookie label for you to insert the name and the date of the birth or a child’s name, a sports shoe with cleats, a football, and a helmet design. The applique jerseys are for the 5×7 hoops, all other designs fit the 4×4 hoops.

Click here to download a free mini-football design.

These make great Season starter gifts. All 16 designs for only 14.95.

Click on thumbnail for larger view:

football jersey

Jersey (1-10 as well as blank)

Dimensions: 4.62″ x4.30″

Stitch Count: 9,355

football-labelFootball Applique Label

Dimensions: 2.91″x1.81″

Stitch Count: 4,835

rookie embroidery labelRookie Label

Dimensions: 3.21″ x 3.57″

Stitch Count: 7,094


Dimensions: 1.96″ x1.19″

Stitch Count: 3,660


Dimensions: 1.73×1.59″

Stitch Count:4,025



Stitch Count:1,692

Here are the 10 jerseys (jersey number “1” is missing from the gallery:

jersey1 jersey2 jersey3
jersey4 jersey5 jersey6
jersey7 jersey8 jersey9

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