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Gingerbread Train Placemat – Font Included!


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This gingerbread placemat for 6×10 hoops was designed with children in mind, but of course many adults love gingerbread items as well. The set consists of 2 placemats and 1 cookie alphabet (capital letters only) as well as two separate applique designs (engine by itself; engine with car).

This is a partial in the hoop project: There are 5 parts to the placemat: the center, two sides, and top and bottom panels. These panels are constructed and quilted in the hoop and then stitched together on the sewing machine. Each panel has guidelines to make alignments easy. The placemat gets finished off with a backing and easy binding. Very thorough instructions with lots of photos are part of your download. Basic machine sewing skills required. For 6×10 or larger hoops only. In total there are 33 stitch files (this includes the Cookie alphabet files.)

Placemat finished size: 12×16″

Dimensions Stitch Counts
Center panel with train only 9.93×5.95″ 24,812
Center panel with Merry Christmas 9.93×5.95″ 30,531
Side panels (one stitch file) 8.52×5.95″ 2,047
Bottom panel 9.93×3.50″ 1,655
Top panel 9.93×3.50″ 1,708
Ap Engine 4.36×3.69″ 15,969
Ap Train and car 9.16×3.70″ 22,005
Letter A of cookie alphabet 0.95×1.51″ 1,601

Graphic artist for gingerbread train design:
http://Sugar Bear Graphics

Quilting motif graphics:

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