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Girl and Doll Headband for 6×10 and larger hoops


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These headbands are almost completely stitched as an in the hoop project. There is a small amount of machine stitching required. There are 3 add ons: a butterfly, a flower and a bunny head that get attached to the headband by Velcro. The
Velcro is applied during the embroidery process. The 3 add ons are freestanding and exchangeable, making this a very versatile set.

Instructions are also given for adapting the headband to an adults head.

You are receiving a total of 10 stitch files:

1. A headband file for a child with Velcro option
2. A headband file for a child without Velcro
3. A headband file for an 18 dolls head with Velcro option
4. A headband file for an 18 dolls head without Velcro
5 & 6. A freestanding (FS) bunny head file (in 2 sizes)
7 & 8. A FS butterfly file (in two sizes)
9 & 10. A FS flower file (in two sizes)

Graphic artist for add ons: Sugar Bear Graphics

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