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ITH Stockings (7×11)


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These sweet stockings are entirely stitched in the hoop. They are fully lined and no seams are showing on the inside. The “cuff” is applied during the embroidery process; the toe and heel areas, as well as the center label are all reverse appliqued. If you have never done reverse applique before, do not worry. It is easy to do and we will show you how with detailed instructions and photos. 5×7 and 6×10 sizes sold separately.

These ITH stockings are not just for babies. Your download includes 6 stitch files:
1. One file with the words “Baby’s First Christmas” (girl version)
2. One file with the words “Baby’s First Christmas (boy version)
3. One file without the words “Baby’s First Christmas” so you can insert a name and date (girl version)
4. One without the words “Baby’s First Christmas” so you can insert a name and date (boy version)
5. One without the words and designs but with an empty label for you to insert a monogram initial
6. In addition there will be a plain stocking with only the heel and toes patches.

Please note: Only the baby designs and Baby’s First Christmas lettering
are part of your stocking files. Any add ons, monograms or other seasonal
designs are used for sample purposes only. All designs used are from Oma’s
Place and can be purchased separately.

{tab=Dimensions & Stitch Counts}

Full version — boy 7.00×11.46″ 19,082
Full version —girl 7.00×11.46″ 18,808
No words version— boy 7.00×11.46″ 14,173
No words version— girl 7.00×11.46″ 14,766
Plain version 7.00×11.46″ 5,668
Version with label only 7.00×11.46″ 8,501

Finished size: 6.50×10.50″

* Please note that stitch counts vary greatly depending on machine format used.

{tab=Artist Credit}

Graphic artist for babies and frame: www.pinkgemdesigns

(extended license purchased)


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