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Plain Mug Rug Set (5×7)


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This set of 5 plain mug rugs for 5×7 hoops provides you with a basis for creating your own mug rugs. Non-machine specific instructions are given on how to insert a design into your mug rug. Insert a design and text of your own choosing to make the mug rug unique and personalized.

Please note: there are no center designs or fonts included with your download.

The photos shown are only examples of what could be done with the designs.

Dimensions & Stitch Counts
Mug rug 1 5.00×7.00″ 3,593
4 narrow borders; heart motif quilting

Mug rug 2 5.00×7.00″ 2,533
2 side borders; diagonal quilting

Mug rug 3 5.00×7.00″ 7,534
Scalloped center with decorative edge

Mug rug 4 5.00×7.00″ 5,921
Oval shaped mug rug

Mug rug 5 5.00×7.00″ 5,250
2 side borders with ricrac topstitching


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