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Quilted Zip Bag (Combo)

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Our quilted zip bag in all four available sizes. This combination fits the 5×7, 6×9, 7×11 and 8×12 hoops!

Also available individually:

Quilted Zip Bag (5×7)

Quilted Zip Bag (6×9)

Quilted Zip Bag (7×11)

Quilted Zip Bag (8×12)

This geometrically zippered bag is completely done in 2 hoopings. No additional sewing machine or hand stitching required. The back and front are both quilted and the zipper is inserted while in the hoop. The bag is fully lined, no seams are visible on the inside. There is a pocket in the back. This bag can be used for many things and is great for showcasing special fabrics. Comes with thorough instructions in pdf format. Each step is well illustrated with photos that show you how to complete this project.

Design Dimensions & Stitch Counts


Front 5.00×7.00″ 5,090
Back 5.00×7.00″ 2,663
Finished bag 4.50×6.50″


Front 9.00×5.85″ 8,177
Back 9.00×5.85″ 3,188
Finished bag size: 8.50×5.25″


Front 10.75×7.00″ 9,492
Back 10.75×7.00″ 3,794
Finished bag size: 10.00×6.50″


Front 11.75×7.85″ 10,944
Back 11.75×7.85″ 4,486
Finished bag size: 11.00×7.50″



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