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Reflective thoughts

in Blog on July 6, 2017

It was a lovely evening – the temperature in the low 70s, a breeze blowing. I sat on a bench in the shade and watched people passing me by and children play. Suddenly pain and grief came over me again, like a big ocean wave. As I was trying to formulate my feelings into words, I realized that I felt like a small sailboat out in the vast ocean – aimlessly tossed about by the waves of grief. And I heard a small, still voice say “Don’t you have an anchor? You have Christ, don’t you?” “Yes”, I said, “I have Him, but the sense of lostness is still there.” And the still small voice continued: “An anchor only works if you use it, cast it down. Using the anchor will not change the waves as they break against the sides of the boat, but it will keep the boat safe from drifting out into the vast ocean.” So, on a daily basis I try to do just that: Making Christ the anchor of my soul – realizing that He will keep me safe during the storms of life – as He has in the past. I have placed this thought onto a new mug rug and hope that it will bring you encouragement as well.

Thank you for traveling with me through this difficult time in my life.

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