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Sewing with grandkids

in Blog on September 25, 2007

Today I went to JoAnn’s to get my curved tipped scissors sharpened. I keep buying new ones as soon as the old ones get dull and it’s a lot cheaper to get them sharpened. I took Eliana (almost 2) with me and she loved what she saw at JoAnn’s. She kept running up to different fabrics, exclaiming “Wow” and holding soft looking fabrics up to her face saying “yummy”! 🙂 But I also realized quickly that taking her with me was not the smartest idea if I wanted to buy fabrics. She was into everything. Patterns were pulled out of racks, fabric samples were strewn over the floor, fat quarters (NOT a body part, by the way) were all scattered – everytime I picked up one of her mischiefs, she was already on to the next one. Note to self: Do not go fabric shopping with grandchildren!

dsc01266.JPGI am working on a fall dress for Saarah right now. It will take me a while to finish because there is relatively little time for sewing right now and when I steal some time, I pay for it the next day by not having clean clothes for the family or having double the mess to clean up. Also, I love to sew creatively and find that takes a lot of time to think and process, both of which seem to be harder to do quickly as I get older. So, it will take me a while to finish this dress, but I am excited about it. It’s a Farbenmix pattern and I have come to love those patterns. They are more trouble to sew because they have very limited instructions and you need to trace the pattern and add a seam allowance before cutting it out, but I think it’s well worth the extra effort. I have sew much fun doing a Farbenmix pattern. If you want to find out more about Farbenmix patterns go to: www.farbenmix.de and look at their gallery photos. Wonderful “stuff”. When I am done with Saarah’s I hope to be making one for Rileigh and Eliana. I already have the fabrics lined up to make their dresses. Now to find the time!

By the way, when I made Saarah’s dress, I did not want to spend a lot more money on fabrics – I had bought some Moda fabrics and needed to combine with corduroy, so I went to the Goodwill and bought a brand new lady’s dress (tags still in place!) made from babywale corduroy. Very lightweight and soft and the right color: brown. Saarah’s dress is going to be in pinks, browns, aqua. I will post photos when I am closer to being done. I really like it.

Well, the laundry is calling. Chat again tomorrow.

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