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Autism Awareness Set


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This Is A Set Of 12 Designs, mostly for the 4×4 Hoops, with a couple larger designs for the 5×7 Hoops. It was Designed for our autistic children and their Families. Great for raising awareness about autism and for showing support for the cause. In the set is a design for an Autism Awareness Pin. Full Instructions are given.

1. Autism Apple
Dimensions: 2.62×3.00
Stitch Count: 5,754

2. Autism Flower
Dimensions: 3.9×3.01
Stitch Count: 8,878
Color Stitchout:

3.Autism Awareness
Dimensions: 6.79×1.59
Stitch Count: 8,815

4. Autism Dad
Dimensions: 4.26×1.43
Stitch Count: 2,221

5. Autism Mom
Dimensions: 4.53×1.63
Stitch Count: 8,697

6. Autism Ribbon (medium)
Dimensions: 1.97×2.74
Stitch Count: 4,297

7. I Love Someone with Autism
Dimensions: 3.0×2.85
Stitch Count: 7,323

8. Help them Soar
Dimensions: 3.31X3.52
Stitch Count: 6,463

9. Natural Beauty
Dimensions: 3.95×3.25
Stitch Count: 8,151

10. Autism Pin
Dimensions: 1.62×1.56
Stitch Count: 3,303

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