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In the Hoop Face Mask


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This mask is almost completely stitched as an in the hoop project. This is a quick stitchout project; all that’s required at the end is to stitch one straight line, on the left and one on the right side of the mask, across the pleats on the sewing machine. The main mask has a pocket in the back for the insertion of a medical mask. Options are given for making the mask without the pocket and for a variety of ways to secure the mask to the face.

Home sewn face masks are made from cotton fabrics. They are not as effective as an N95 mask or disposable surgical mask. However, the CDC has approved them for cases where the more protective equipment is not available. They are better than no protection at all.

There are a LOT of free do-it-yourself instructions for face masks on the internet, be it through You Tube videos or downloadable pdfs. I have looked at many and have put together this design on the basis of my reviews.

You may find, after doing a few face masks on the embroidery machine, that it might be more cost efficient to do them on the sewing rather than the embroidery machine. You would use no stabilizer and probably no tape. And the time difference is probably minimal.

Finished mask size: 7.50×3.00″ (with pleats in place)

Design dimensions: 8.41×5.90″

Design stitch count: 1,891

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